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A groundbreaking feature on Amazon Prime Video, seamlessly merging entertainment and e-commerce. Shop clothes, accessories, jewelry, furniture, and props seen in movie scenes, while enjoying your favorite shows. Discover featured destinations and book tickets to turn wanderlust into reality. With Amazon's reliable logistics, expect quick deliveries and exceptional customer service. This innovative platform not only solidifies Amazon's position as an e-commerce leader but also opens new horizons in online trade. Immerse yourself in a unique shopping experience where entertainment and retail therapy unite!

Amazon | Explore Live

Visual App Audit

After conducting an in-depth competitor analysis, I stumbled upon this game-changing idea. Surprisingly, no other video streaming platform offers live shopping options while watching movies or shows. That inspired me to envision Amazon Explore which lets viewers purchase items they see on screen, right at that very moment. During interviews, viewers confessed to the allure of immediate desire, leading to impulsive purchases. Implementing this concept could not only increase Amazon's sales but also propel the company to new heights in the online trade world. Imagine the thrill of combining entertainment and retail therapy in one seamless experience—truly revolutionary!





Holistic Participation: Users can actively explore shows while shopping and making purchases in real-time, creating a seamless and immersive experience.

Swipe Up Slider or Toggle Viewport: Access the Explore On Screen feature conveniently via a swipe up slider or by toggling the screen viewport, ensuring effortless engagement.

Prime Shoppable Attributes: Discover and explore attires (fashion styles), destinations, restaurants, and more from the movie/show, adding items to the wishlist for future purchase opportunities.

Personalized Recommendations: Powered by user data collected during onboarding, the feature acts as a smart recommendation engine, delivering tailored content to enhance the shopping experience.

Highlighting User's Top Picks: All displayed and recommended items prominently feature the user's top picks, catering to individual preferences and desires.

Enhanced Brand Collaborations: Amazon expands brand collaborations within the feature, offering strategic product placements and increasing brand visibility on screen.

Streamlined Logistics: The feature boosts Amazon's logistics to cater to the demand for featured products and services, ensuring efficient deliveries and exceptional customer service.

Sales and Business Expansion: "Explore On Screen" revolutionizes the way users engage with content and shop, leading to increased sales and opening new avenues for Amazon's business growth.

Key Characteristics of the Feature

JTBD (Jobs To Be Done) Heirarchy

Landing Screen

Video Details screen with dropdown

Amazon Explore Wishlist

Explore Live Location Category Shop

Explore Live Fashion Category Shop

X-Ray screen with Explore Live dropdowns

High-Fidelity Design

Post the low-fidelity design sketching stage, where rough wireframes and prototypes were used to explore concepts and interactions, I moved on to creating high-fi mockups for Amazon Explore.

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