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Eternally Creating

I'm Kinjal, a design chameleon with an incredible talent for transforming concepts into visually captivating realities across various mediums. With a background that spans Mumbai, Chennai, New York, and Bahrain, I bring a unique global perspective to my work, blending diverse cultural influences to inspire and inform my designs.

As a digital product and interaction designer with a master's degree in communication Design (UI/UX & web development) from the Parsons School of Design, I thrive on tackling real-world problems and creating functional digital products. I'm constantly driven by a user-centered design approach and an unwavering commitment to delivering intuitive and visually stunning experiences.

With a rich portfolio of experience collaborating with clients from edu-tech, fin-tech, luxury sectors, ad agencies, and digital design firms, I'm well-versed in pushing creative boundaries and finding innovative solutions. I'm fluent in the Adobe Suite, Figma, and proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, equipping me with a versatile set of design tools.

Beyond design, I'm also passionate about making a positive impact. As a proud dog rescuer with BARC (Bahrain Animal Rescue Center), I believe in the power of altruism and strive to create meaningful experiences through my work.

Acknowledged by my professors, peers, and ex-colleagues as a team player with a humble approach, I'm ready to bring my expertise in digital product design, UI/UX, wireframing, prototyping, data visualization, copywriting, motion graphics, and web development to create extraordinary experiences.

So, if you're seeking a design virtuoso who can transform your wildest visions into reality, look no further. Together, let's embark on a journey to unleash the magic of design and create unforgettable user experiences.

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Kinjal Gawaskar Resume

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